End of Lease Guide
Overages and Fees
 At the end of your lease your car is inspected by Toyota Financial Services and you are responsible to pay any damages and mileage overages you have accumulated during the term of the lease. Don't worry though because I-10 Toyota offers several options, many which allow you to avoid paying any mileage overages you may be faced with. 

Options to avoid mileage overages
 You have 3 options to avoid having to pay any mileage overages you have accrued. 
  1. Trade in your vehicle for another Toyota Lease. 
  2. Trade in your vehicle for a Toyota Purchase.
  3. Purchase your leased vehicle.
What are mileage overages?
 At the time of purchase of your new Toyota Lease you are given a set mileage limit you can drive per year, usually 12,000 miles per year. As long as you drive under the mileage limit per year you wont have to pay any overages. However if you do dont worry, its only around 15 cents per additional mile.

What if I drive over my limit 1 year but not the next?
 That's okay too! We will round the usage and use an average mileage per year, Toyota is very easy and we love to accommodate our customers. 

What can I do to prepare for my lease return?
 Simple! Let us help you! I-10 Toyota is is proud to introduce a new procedure to the customer: 

Complementary mileage check at 12 months. Before your lease is up we will check your mileage, and go over options to prepare you for its return and alleviate any stress you might have about overages and damage.  You will leave I-10 Toyota that day knowing you will be in great shape in 1 year.

Complementary Inspection at 24 months. Before your lease is up we will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and let you know what we estimate its value to be, what a new car purchase, used car purchase, new lease or buy out could look like in 2 year. 

with these proactive measures you will be worry free throughout the entire term of your lease and when the day comes to trade it in you will be in and out in just a couple hours. 

Do I  need to enroll to receive this new benefit?
 Nope! you are enrolled already and can expect a call from our amazing staff when the time comes. We will try our best to contact you and keep you informed. If you are further out than 24 months but are still curious just give us a call to get information or possibly start working on a game plan earlier. 

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